Fin Moorhouse

What I Do


This can involve shoot sit-down interviews and on-location filming – like this series of films I made for The Mountain Way charity. Nowadays, I mostly edit things – like this recent video about superconductors. I have also covered sports events, presentations, and conferences.


This is mostly web design and development. I would say I'm fairly (> 40 hours each) familiar with HTML, JS, CSS, Sass, React, and GatsbyJS. I'm somewhat (> 10 hours each) familiar with Google Analytics, WordPress, and Firebase. I'm currently getting to grips with NodeJS.

See the website I made for poet and author Alyson Hallett for an example of my web design, or this web app for a full-stack example.

I am also interested in data visualisation, primarily in Python and Tableau; although I'm curious to learn D3 too.


I make animations ranging from small logo animations ('idents') to more sophisticated motion graphics. They can work as standalone pieces, or integrated into a film. Most of this is done in After Effects.

Graphic Design

This includes posters, logos, and social media output. A good example of this is my work for the Cambridge Union.


Through setting up Hear This Idea, I'm now fairly proficient with the basics of podcasting: audio engineering, hosting, remote interviews, etc.

See my portfolio for more.