Fin Moorhouse

What I Do

I mostly divide my time between video and design.


For the most part, this involves telling stories with a camera. This could involve sit-down interviews or on-location footage. See for example a series of films I recently made telling the story of a guest of The Mountain Way charity.


I make animations ranging from small logo animations ('idents') to more sophisticated motion graphics. They can work as standalone pieces, or integrated into a film.

Event Coverage

I have covered sports events with Strength in Depth and the European Fitness League. That involved shooting and editing heats on the fly, so they could get shared throughout the day. I also have some experience covering (and photographing) presentations and conferences.

Graphic Design

This includes posters, logos, and social media output. A good example of this is my work for the Cambridge Union. These designs can be used as a starting point for animations.

Web Design

More recently, I've started to properly learn web design and development. I would say at this point I'm fairly familiar with:

  • HTML & css
  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • GatsbyJS
  • WordPress

The rest are a work in progress:

  • React
  • Python
    • Django
  • NodeJS

See the website I made for poet and author Alyson Hallett for an example. I also take photos—of events and products.

See my portfolio for more.