Fin Moorhouse

May Week Alternative

In Oxford and Cambridge, May Week is the period at the end of the academic year when students celebrate the end of exams, often by attending lavish and expensive 'May Balls'. These are great fun, but I was intruiged to learn about an initiative in Cambridge to celebrate May Week in a different way: by encouraging students to donate an equivalent amount of money (£150) to a highly cost-effective charity called the Against Malaria Foundation, and hosting a garden party to celebrate arranged by donors and volunteers. Since none of the donations are spent on the party, and thanks to matched funding, 200% of student donations go directly to charity. That all sounded great to me, and when they mentioned they were looking for someone to make them a short, animated promotional video I volunteered my time.

Click here to watch the video, or visit to find out more. You can also read about the recipient charity here.

Screenshot from the video

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