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Hear This Idea is a podcast showcasing new thinking in philosophy, the social sciences, and effective altruism. I started it with Luca Righetti in late 2019.

Cambridge was filled with fascinating ideas. Too often, they don't a hearing outside lecture halls or academic journals. To our knowledge, few if any podcasts existed whose only guest criteria are: they have something to do with the social sciences, and they're really interesting. So we set up HTI with just that aim: defy the conventional wisdom that new podcasts only succeed when they're hyper-focused on a niche within a niche. Since then, we've graduated; but we continue to remotely speak to interviewees all over the world.

The podcast is aimed primarily at smart, curious undergrads. Since we're both involved with and interested in the world of effective altruism, we see it partly as a vehicle to communicate EA ideas to a non-EA audience. For the most part, we also just wanted an excuse to talk to some interesting people for an hour.

So even if you’re not a philosopher, you might be interested in the ethics of existential risks, or the philosophy of search engines and self-deception. And even if you’re not an economist, you may want to learn more about the Industrial Revolution, digitial monopolies, or what causes political corruption. We've even learned about quantum computing, why people pay not to go to the gym, and how to use lasers to get make rats addicted to anything.

Each episode lasts around 90 minutes. Every episode also has a long accompanying write-up that we publish on our website. These articles are not glorified transcripts: they're stand alone pieces that start where the conversation left off. So once you've listened to an episode, you have an article filled with links, readings, and book recommendations.

You can listen to the episodes by following the links listed here, and you can read the write-ups here.

Asides from learning from the interviews we’ve done so far, making this podcast has been an opportunity to learn all about proper interview technique, audio recording best practice, and the web techs behind podcast hosting and distribution. In particular, I've learned to massively appreciate the skill required to ask good questions. If you've ever listened to a podcast or radio interview and thought, "I could do that", I recommend trying!

In any case — if you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy it.

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