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Charity Entrepreneurship

Charity Entrepreneurship is a is an effective altruist organization that helps start multiple high-impact charities annually based on extensive research. Like a startup incubator for nonprofits. Unlike for-profit incubators, however, they also spend thousands of hours ever year researching the most promising ideas for charities which do not yet exist (see this year's recommendations for illustration). They then run an incubation program for participants who have the greatest chance of starting new charities from that list; also providing seed grants, legal support, and ongoing mentorship. Past charities started by Charity Entrepreneurship include the Happier Lives Institute, Good Policies, Animal Advocacy Careers, P.E.N, Suvita, and the Fish Welfare Initiative.

I joined CE for Summer 2020 as their data visualisation intern. I wore lots of hats throughout the internship. This included visualisations for research reports, editing videos for the incubation program, producing videos for social media with motion graphics, formatting reports, creating t-shirt designs, and designing the covers of an upcoming book for publication.

Here's one of the videos I made:

Below are some example images from all of the above.

Data Visualisation

A choropleth map.

Most funded countries (animal welfare).

Animal product imports.

A summary of randomised controlled trials.

A causal chain for postpartum counseling.

A causal chain for alcohol regulation.

Another choropleth map.


A thumbnail.

A screenshot from the 'top ideas' video.


A detail from the Dodo banner

A detail from the Dodo banner

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